New CPT Hip Arthroscopy Codes for FAI lesions

CPT has added three new hip arthroscopy codes in 2011 relating to treatment of FAI (femoroacetabular impingment). Earlier an unlisted arthroscopic code 29999 was used to represent these procedures. The following are the new CPT hip arthroscopic codes:

29914 Arthroscopic Femoroplasty
29915 Arthroscopic Acetabuloplasty
29916 Arthroscopic Labral Repair

Codes 29914, 29915, 29916 should not be reported along with CPT codes 29962 or 29963 and if you are coding in Quantum, you will get an NCCI edit. Also 29916 should not be used if labral repair is secondary to acetabuloplasty.

Femoroplasty is done for treatment of cam lesions which results from FAI(femoroacetabular impingment). Acetabuloplaty is done for treatment of pincer lesion which also results from FAI (femoroacetabular impingment). Sometimes a patient can have both pincer and cam lesions at the same time.

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