Do you use Quantum? If not its' time to use

Information technology has been adopted across all the verticals of life and has and has resulted in better efficiency in terms of management, forecast, and productivity. Medical coding industry is lagging behind in the use of information technology. Most of the medical coding companies including one of the biggest names still using excel sheets for submitting their codes to the clients. Using excel sheets for coding makes the job of a coder very cumbersome, stress full, and boring. Although in recent years some software products like Quantum from Qudramed have been developed, but medical coding companies have not yet adopted such technology. Quantum is a web based software with all the tools and software that are required for coding embedded into it. It has Stedmens medical dictionary, coding clinic, CPT assistant updates, etc. It also flashes NCCI edits during coding thus making the task of coders easy. It shows edits for combination codes when required. With Quantum reports generation applications, one can generate various types of reports that can be used for quality analyse. Reports based on coded date, admit date, etc.

Quantum is a web based product and is a bit slow, but this will no impact the productivity of a coder. In fact, as it highlights the NCCI edits and give hints about combination codes, it will reduce the time the coder otherwise would require to check for status indicators and modifiers from some other sources.

Medical coders once acquainted with Quantum would not like to return to other ways for submitting their work.

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