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Certification is becoming the mandate for practices when making hiring decisions, and is key to advancement opportunities. The CPC exam is a five and a half hour, 150 multiple choice questions, open-book examination. You need to get 70% marks to clear the exam. AAPC CPC certification is intended for medical coding career in an outpatient physician office. The CPC examination will certify your skills in:

Understanding human anatomy and medical terminology
Applying CPT, HCPCS Level II and ICD-9-CM codes correctly
Following E/M guidelines and documentation requirements
Using CPT and HCPCS Level II modifiers correctly
Using ICD-9-CM V & E codes

Common mistakes people make while preparing for CPC Exam

Many people tend to concentrate on ICD, E/M, and Surgery section of CPT and tend to ignore Pathology, Anesthesia, and Radiology Sections of CPT. All section of CPT should be given equall atention. Many people failed CPC Exam because they ignored Pathology, Anesthesia, and Radiology Sections of CPT.

Also CPC exam tests examinees’ knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology, it is highly recommended that individuals have prior knowledge in these areas.

I recommend every one who wants to appear for CPC to have Professional Medical Coders Curriculum (PMCC) as it will make earsier to understand the CPT.

Here are some links to practice and sample papers for CPC.




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Alberta said...

This is a good site. I had taken the CPC exam in 2008 and passed 2 sections several times, but in 2009 its only requires you to pass one section with a score of 70%. I was so discouraged to find this out until it just stopped me from pursuing my goal. But this year I will pass it. I tried to get the AAPC arganization to give me my liscence because they has just passed this rule but to no avail. I have taken this exam several times and spent countless of money, I thought mabye because of the economy they would understand and give me my license for after all I was working as a coder anyway but this did not happen and I haven't been able to get the money to take the exam.

Alberta Jones capablemed@yahoo.com

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