RHIT Stands for Registered Health Information Technician. You can move on from that and become an R.H.I.A. (Administrator). R.H.I.T. is an A.A.S and it is what is being sought after by hospitals and doctor's offices. With the R.H.I.T. you can get your foot in the door in medical records etc., before moving into coding. It is difficult to get into coding without experience. I would recommend going to one of the CAHIM accredited schools for your training.

In order to go for the RHIT/RHIA, you need tomake sure that you go through an HIM program that is CAHIM-accredited. Go to the Ahima.org website and it will give you a list of schools. Unfortunately, the BA won't really make much of a dent, although your having taken A&P and med terminology is definitely a plus (they may be transferable).

For colleges offering CAHIM-accredited courses check

www.ahima.org or www.ahima.org/careers/college_search/search.asp.

How to prepare for RHIT Exam prep and what are the study guides?

As far as what to expect on the test, make sure that you know terms and other information regarding computer technology in general and how it relates to health information. Also, there will be a lot of questions on HR, HIPAA type issues, and know your graphs and what they are used for.

The PRG book/CD is among the best resources for studying. The PRG is a great tool for helping show you what areas are going to be tested. The PRG also has one mock RHIT Exam test.

The AHIMA book has the AHIMA exam prep book and three mock RHIT Exams. The AHIMA CD also had learning modes and simulation modes. Using both will prepare really well but some RHIT's used just the PRG and came out just fine too.

The OHIMA online prep is also available.

Is there any free sample question paper available for RHIT Exam?

Yes, AHIMA has one free sample paper on there site.

Visit: http://www.ahima.org/certification/rhit/sample.aspx

Who should take RHIT Certification?

What type of coding are you doing in the hospital setting? Inpatient, ER, Outpatient surgery, Outpatient Ancillary Dx services? I recommend taking a certification test that coincides with the current job that you do. If you are coding and think that you will continue to just code, I recommend the following:

Inpatient/ER/ Outpatient surgery coding = CCS ( AHIMA)

Ancillary Dx procedures ( Lab, Radiology, etc.) = CPC-H ( AAPC)

Coding/ frequent HIM Admin. = RHIT

HIM Admin = RHIA

Phys. office coding= CCS-P ( AHIMA) or CPC - P ( AAPC)

The CCS is best suited for Inpatient/ER coder. The RHIT exam is great if you want to be a HIM supervisor/coder. The other credentials CCS, CPC-H are the two best credentials to obtain if you are going to continue down the path of a hospital (facility) coder.

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