CCS Exam


To be eligible to sit for the CCS exam, you must have earned a high school diploma from a United States high school or have an equivalent educational background. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that you have experience in hospital inpatient (ICD-9-CM) and ambulatory care (ICD-9-CM and CPT) medical record coding. Results of previous examinations suggest that those with three or more years of coding experience are more likely to pass.

How to prepare for the CCS Exam?

In addition to medical coding you also need to have knowlwdge of Medical billing and regulatory Guidelines for In patient & Outpatient. Do not waste too much time on any one question. If you aren't sure, go on to the next question, so you can go back and study ones that were troublesome at the end, when you have finished the rest of the part you are taking. You want to answer all of the questions, for the best chance at getting a passing score. Many people complained that there wasn't enough time to complete Part II, where there were actual coding scenarios.

What is the Value of CCS?

AHIMA credential are valued across the industry and will puts you in a special league, positioning you as a leader and role model in the health informatics and information management community. The CCS Certification is highly recommended for those who are looking to get into inpatient coding as it will definitely give an edge over other credentials.

Who should go for CCS Exam?

The CCS certification is basically designed for inpatient coding and needs good understanding of CPT and DRG coding. So it is not recommended for fresh coders or who have less than two years of experiance to look CCS Exam. They can either go for CCS-P or CPC. Medical coders with 2-3 years of experiance and with good exposure to ER and ambulatory coding should look forward for CCS certification as it will help them to get into inpatint coding.

Any CCS prep material available on net?

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