Entry Level Medical Coding Jobs

Medical coding filed is fastest growing filed and there is shortage of experienced and Inpatient coder. There are very few companies who recruit entry level coders and that too depending on there timely needs. So a fresher how to get a medical coding job.

What additional things apart from a medical coding course can help in landing the job?

For many physicians their coders and billing staff is just as important to their lively hood as their patients are. One mishandled claim can cost them thousands of dollars depending on their speciality. Many new coders don't make the connection that the livelihood of the physicians and their staff (including the coder) largely revolves around the coder themselves. let me know that they understood that, and understood how important the coding and billing positions are.

Getting coding certification enhances your chances of getting a job. Employers prefer certified people than those who are not certified.

It does help though if you have billing experience. In most jobs, you don't only perform medical coding, you have a bunch of different stuff to do like billing, and so forth. That is why I having billing experience is a plus, if not a necessity

What internships are available in Medical coding?

The AAPC has established Project Xtern to help newly certified medical coders qualify for a medical coding job. The program is designed to match beginning coders with facilities willing to give them field experience and potentially their first medical coding job. Over 200 facilities nationwide, known as Approved Official Extern Site (AOES) are currently participating in the project. Facilities complete an agreement with the AAPC guaranteeing each extern a minimum of 60 percent hands-on billing/coding experience while completing the externship. Externs are typically placed at these facilities for approximately three months and are non-paid.

Internship at local hospital. Contact your personal doctor and ask to intern 1 Day a week. Full time intern was to much of an interference in their work environment, because they have to train you and they don't want to be training full time. One possibility is interning for a chiropractor. Other places to consider are long term care (a nursing home, mental health treatment facilities, drug treatment facilities.)

How to get jobs in local hospitals?

Try to find a job within a hospital and start off in medical records or apply to any medical clerk job just to get my foot in the door: receptionist,insurance verification benefits, claims examiner( in the insurance companies like Blue Cross,medical secretary, medical billing specialist, etc. Apply everywhere you could and let the hospital know what your goals are and work my way up to a coding position. That it is easier to get hired as a coder within the company then coming from outside. It is sad we have to start off in lower position then what we went to school for, but I need to get a job.

Are there any state govt jobs in medical coding?

There are quite a few state government jobs out there for coders. State agencies will hire medical coders for Workman's Comp or disability claims services to review and audit applications.

What are other sources of job search in medical coding?

Look at the medical coding jobs on:
BC Advantage a Medical Billing and Coding magazine
www.jobbankinfo.org/Exchange by clicking on your state
Yahoo Hotjobs
Local newspaper
Local hospitals websites.

You can get Free current issue of "Advance" magazine for health information professionals and it has classified jobs listed for coding. The jobs are divided by regions. To get your free subscription to Advance, just time in advanceweb.com in your web browser and fill out the info for subscription. Advance is also hosting job fairs for HIM professionals (coders are included in the HIM classification) the web site has all the job fair info listed.

Another great source of jobs is AHIMA web site. To get an idea of local jobs in your area go to the national web site and then select you state. The state chapters usually have jobs posted. Here's the national link www.ahima.org/membership/index.asp. Select About AHIMA and then select CSA/State Associations from the drop down. Then select the state you want and then select job opportunities.

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