CCS Versus CPC

AHIMA (CCS) Versus AAPC (CPC) which is better?

There is a lengthy debate as to which of two certifications CCS or CPC are good choices and which will yield better result. The AAPC webiste states that the CPC is a physician/provider-based coding cert. Hospitals are usually looking for facility-based coding certifications, as those credentials apply to their line of business & clinical setting.

Hospital certified coders generally code in the hospital (e.g., CPC-H, CCS) and physician certified coders (e.g., CPC, CCS-P) usually code in provider-based settings (e.g., clinics, offices, billing units, etc). It is normal to have certification in the market where you expect to work. So, to some extent, those with the CPC are not necessarily appropriate for the hospital coding environment. Their certification is not in hospital coding.

If you want to code in the hosptial, physician office, home health, or anywhere else, seek certification specific to that setting.

Also, many other employers want to see an additional certifications instead of one like CPC or CCS-P. Regardless of your experience, companies feel more comfortable knowing that you do have the knowledge by showing your accomplishements. That is why pursuing CPC-H and CCS certs after CPC or CCS-P will help.

There is no single coding credential that covers all coding, across all settings. For example, coders in the nursing home settings have no option for certification in their specialty.

Both organizations are very reputable. If you are interested in being an inpatient coder than AHIMA is the organization to be associated with. Where it comes to physician based coding, the AAPC is a terrific organization with ongoing support and education. They are continually growing and improving. If you want to bill for physician services, hospital outpatient or if you workfor a payer and adjudicate physician or outpatient claims, you probably want


Distance Learning GED said...

Your generosity in sharing this infomraiton means so much. Thanks a million.

Catherine Pfeiffer said...

Hello. The very last sentence of the last paragraph is not complete. What ever certification you were going to state is the one that I need. I prefer outpatient and the claims process. So which certification were you going to say would be the best?
Thank you so much for this great blog, it has been so helpful!

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