Inpatient Patient Coding Training Courses

If you are looking for getting into inpatient coding then followiing are some of the training courses available for getting trained in inpatient coding.

The Certified Coder Boot Camp from HCPRO
This course is designed for individuals with outpatient coding experience. It focuses on Inpatient Hospital Coding. The course emphasizes inpatient coding guidelines, abstracting inpatient medical records and DRG ("Diagnosis Related Grouping") assignment. It is a full time one week course and costs arouns 200 USD.
For more information Contact Customer Service at 800/780-0584 or

Inpatient Coding: DRG Assignment training course from HCPRO
It is an online training course intended to master DRG coding costs $49.00. Contact:

Careerstep Inpatient Coding traning courses
Career Step has a training course for inpatient medical facilities. You'll be fully trained to accurately code inpatient diagnosis and procedures from medical records and complete the billing and reimbursement process. The Career Step Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing program can be completed in 640 hours, or 4 months of full-time study. It is an online programme costs around $2250.
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