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Many coding schools will tell you that coding field is the fastest growing field and the medical field is in need of coders. It is corrct that there is shortage of experianced and Inpatient coders with at least 2 years experience. Many people think a college would be an advantage over an online course and find themselves with a student loan in thousands of dollers and no job and even not prepared to take the certification. The better way is to take a cheap course as it is just as good as a more expensive one because either way you need the experience to get a job preferably an online one because going to a college and getting an Associates degree in coding didn't help me. Companies don't care about the degree they care about the certification and the experience.

Some of the online Coding courses are

Sullivan University Global e-Learning

Earn your degree from an accredited university by taking all of your classes online. Sullivan University Global e-Learning delivers high quality online degree programs in an e-Learning environment. With career-focused coursework and personalized financial assistance, Sullivan University Global e-Learning is where your successful career begins.

The Virginia College Online medical coding

The College provides educational opportunities that are designed to prepare a student for direct entry into the job market or to enhance their chances of advancement within a business hierarchy.

LA College International

The Associate of Arts Degree in Health Care Administration with a concentration in Billing and Coding is a comprehensive 16-month program that provides an overview of a broad range of health care concepts with an emphasis on their financial aspects.

American Intercontinental University Online

The VLC School of Medical Coding

Virtual Learning Center (VLC) Career Schooling offers expertly prepared professional online medical coding specialist educational courses that will train you to become a professional medical coder specialist in your own time and on your own terms from home.

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Well great post on Medical Coding Training Program.. I wish you best of luck.. Thanks for sharing the useful information with us..medical coding training

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