ICD 9 code for Antibody Titers

ICD 9 code for Antibody Titers

Antibody titer is a laboratory test that measures the presence and amount of antibodies in blood. The antibody level in the blood is a reflection of past exposure to an antigen or to something that the body does not recognize as belonging to itself. The body uses antibodies to attack and remove foreign substances.

The physician may order a titer to see if you had an infection in the past (for example, chickenpox) or to decide which immunizations you need. In diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and other autoimmune disorders and in infection such as mononucleosis or viral hepatitis.

ICD 9 code for Antibody Titer tests

V72.61 Antibody Response Examination.
Immunity status testing

V72.61 should be used as a diagnostic code for titor examinations

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