ICD 9 code for Elevated Troponin or (Createnine Kinase) CK's

ICD 9 code for Elevated Troponin or (Createnine Kinase) CK's

Creatine kinase (CK), also known as creatine phosphokinase (CPK) or phospho-creatine kinase (and sometimes wrongfully as creatinine kinase), is an enzyme present primarily in the heart and skeletal muscles, and also brain.

Any injury to any of these structures will lead to a measurable increase in CK levels.

ICD 9 code for Createnine Kinase

790.5 Other Nonspecific Abnormal Serum Enzyme Levels

Troponin is a complex of three regulatory proteins that is integral to muscle contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Elevated troponin levels indicate myocardial injury but may occur in critically ill patients.

ICD 9 code for Elevated Troponin
There is no ICD-9 code specific for elevated cardiac bimarker (troponin). Following ICD 9 code can be used for Elevated Troponin levels

790.99 Other Abnormal Findings On Examination Of Blood

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