Psychiatric coding guidelines

Psychiatric coding involves coding for detox and rehab services. During the stay of the patient in inpatient psychiatric clinic efforts are also made to find out relapse triggers for drug and alcohol dependence and abuse.

Detox Meds: Librium is used for detoxification. Folic acid and Thiamine are also used for alcohol dependence and should not be confused if anemia is documented in the medical record. Anemia should be picked only if physician documents so.

Rehab methods: Group therapy

Psychiatric diagnosis are categorized in Axis like Axis I, Axis II, Axis IV.

Axis I are acute psychiatric condition like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder.
Axis II are related to personality disorder and mental retardation
Axis III are medical condition like diabetes, hypertension etc.
Axis IV are stressor's like unemployment, homelessness, history of physical abuse etc.

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