Medical Coding Salary

Medical coding salary depend upon the type of coding i.e. inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, etc. It also depends upon location and workplace like hospital, physician office, insurance company.

Inpatient medical coders get the highest salary with an average salary of 70,000-80,000 plus 5,000 signing bonus. Also ambulatory surgery coders are paid better then outptient or ER coders. Medical coders also work as consultants and are paid on per case basis .i.e. usually two dollers for outpatient and ER cases and upto ten dollers for inpatient per inpatient case. For example, if a coder codes 100 ER on a day, his earning for that day will be 200 dollers. Similarly if an inpatient coder codes 50 cases on a day his earning for that day will be 500 dollers.

Education also plays a role in determining the salary of a medical coder. According to a salary survey of AAPC medical coders with master's degrees earn more than coders with bachelor's degree. According to AAPC salary survery 2009, average salary of entry level coders is 30,323 and with three years of experiance 33,584 and with five years experiance is 69,770. Certified coders earn more than uncertified coders. Salary of medical coding professionals is increasing every year as there is a shortage of experianced coders and as the first baby boomers have crossed the age of 60 years requiring more medical care.

Work from home
Medical coding companies are offering home based medical coding jobs for experianced coders and this trend is on a rise due to shortage of coders and improved internet technology.

Other Benefits
Other Benefits apart from salary, employers sponsor certification exam and also pay for renewal every year. Many medical coding companies also offer a variety of benefits including medical, dental, optical, 401k, and paid leaves and many more.

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