Breast biopsy CPT Codes: Percutaneous, Stereotactic, Open

CPT coding of breast biopsies will wary depending upon the approach, device, and imaging guidence used.

The follwoing approaches are used:

1. Fina Needle spiration biopsy wherein lesion is aspirated or suctioned out through a fine needle.
2. Percutaneous needle core biopsy with and without imaging
a.Percutaneous Needle Core
b.Vaccum Asisted device
3. Excisional(open)biopsy by an incision.

Breast biopsy CPT Codes for FNA
10021 Fine needle aspiration without imaging guidance
10022 Fine needle aspiration with imaging guidance

Breast biopsy CPT codes for percutaneous needle biopsy other than fine needle aspiration
19100 Biopsy of breast, percutaneous, needle core, without imaging guidance
19102 Biopsy of breast, percutaneous, needle core with imaging guidance

Vaccum Assisted Breast Biopsy
Vacuum-assisted biopsy allows removal of multiple tissue samples in a single attempt unlike core needle biopsy wherein several separate needle insertions are required for multiple samples. It relies on stereotactic mammography or ultrasound imaging.

Breast biopsy CPT codes
19103 Percutaneous automated vacuum assisted or rotating biopsy device with imaging guidance

Stereotactic breast biopsy cpt codes
The mammotome, MIBB, and TRAP probes are Stereotactic probes. The procedure coding will remain the same. Only imaging guidence code will change to stereotactic localization guidance (77031).

Needle Localization
A needle localization biopsy is done when an abnormality is seen on mammogram but no lump can be felt on physical exam. The biopsy is used to make a precise diagnosis and develop a treatment plan

19295 Image guided placement, metallic localization clip, percutaneous, during breast biopsy/aspiration (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure

19295 should be used in conjunction with code 10022, 19102, 19103

Breast biopsy CPT codes for excisional(open) approach through incision into breast
19101 open, incisional

Breast Biopsy imaging (MRI,ultrasound)Guidence CPT codes
Stereotactic localization guidance (77031)
Mammographic guidance (77032)
CT guidance (77012)
MR guidance (77021)
Ultrasound guidance (76942)

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