Foot care coding

Routine foot care includes paring and removal of corns and calluses, trimming, cutting, debriding, clipping of nails. Routine foot care is not covered in many policies unless it is medically necessary. Conditions like diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and/or peripheral neuropathy, or pain due to thickening or infection of nails, or pain due to ambulation need to be documented and related to foot care so as to justify billing the above mentioned services. The following conditions also satisfy the medical necessity for foot care billing:
chronic thrombophlenitis.
Buergers disease
arteriosclerosis obliterans.

CPT has codes for removal of corns and calluses and it should not be confused that since there are codes in the CPT manual to represent these services they can be billed. The removal of corns and calluses should be meet the definition of medical necessity like there is pain due to corns and callus so as to be coded and billed else the claim will be rejected by the payer.

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