Coding Debridements

Debridement codes in CPT are found in intugmentry section even if the debridement is deep into subcutaneous tissue and till the bone level. There are debridement codes in medicine section of CPT also and these codes should be used if debridement is at dermal and epidermal levels. If debridement is beyond dermal layer into the subcutaneous tissue then CPT codes from intugmentry should be used. Intugmentry section debridement codes can be classified as for debridement of fracture, eczamatous skin, and necrotic skin. Debridement codes in the medicine section are as follows:

97597-97598: Selective wound debridement involving waterjets, suction, or scissors.
97602 : Non selective wound debridement involves dressing or enzymatic method.

ICD 9 CM Debridement codes
ICD 9 CM has codes for excisional debridment(86.22) and non excisional debridmenrt( 86.28). Excisional debridement requires removal of tissue with scissors and merely scrubbing by scissor or any sharp object is not called an excisional debridement.
Simple Debridement of skin in preparation of surgery or procedure like suturing should not be coded as it is included in the procedure being done.

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