ICD 9 code follow up

If the encounter is for follow-up of a condition and the condition is still present (not resolved) the condition would be coded and not the V67.59. The physician may used terms like "improved" and "resolving" for a condition that that still needs treatment. If the encounter is to follow-up a chronic condition, such as HTN, asthma, obesity, code the chronic condition as the first listed dx - do not assign the V67.59 in these types of cases.

When a follow-up examination is conducted to determine if there is any evidence of recurring or metastasizing cancers and no evidence of malignancy is found, the case is classified to the V67 category.

V67.09 Surgery only
V67.1 Radiation therapy only or radiation therapy following surgery
V67.2 Chemotherapy only or chemotherapy following surgery or radiation

If the follow-up examination reveals recurrence or metastasis, category code V67 would not be used.

Follow-up Postop total knee replacement is coded to V54.81
Following treatment of healed fracture is coded to V67.4
Follow-up examination following psychotherapy and other treatment for mental disorder is coded to v67.3
Unspecified followup exam is coded to V67.9

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