CPT Modifiers

CPT Modifier definition: CPT modifiers are combination of two characters letters or alphanumeric codes that are meant to convey additional information regarding the procedure or services offered by the physician or hospital. These codes are appended to CPT codes. The additional information that can be conveyed by these codes includes wheather a procedure is discontinued, done on the left or right side, reduced, multiple procedures done in the same session, etc.

Proper use of CPT code modifiers: Proper use of CPT modifiers is necessary for accurate billing. Modifiers used inappropriately will affect the payment.

Some of the examples of CPT modifiers are
CPT mdifier 59 for distinct services
CPT modifier 51 for Multiple services
CPT modifiers LT and RT to indicate left and right side
CPT modifier 25 to be used with E/M code along with any other distinct CPT service provided on the same day of service.
CPT modifier 52 for reduced services.
CPT modifier 26 to identify professional component in radiology.
CPT modifier 76 for repeat procedure by the same physician
CPT modifier 53 for discontinued procedure

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