Coding infusions and injections

Coding infusions and injections in ICD and CPT

CPT has the following CPT codes for infusions
96365 IVPB initial hour
96366 IVPB each subsequent hour same drug
96367 IVPB each subsequent new drug(sequential infusion)
96368 Concurrent infusion
96374 IVP initial substance or drug
96375 IVP new substance or drug
96372 Intramuscular Injection

CPT code 96368 is reported only once per encounter.
CPT code 96367 is used only once per sequential infusion of same infusate mix
To qualify for each additional hour code "96366" infusion should be more than 30 minutes else it is includes in previous hour. For infusions of 15 minutes or less 96374 should be used.

CPT has the following CPT codes for injections
Injection with physicians supervision 96372 (physician coding)
Injection without physician supervision 99211 (physician coding)
Hospital coding report 96372 when the physician is not present.
Non-antineoplastic hormonal therapy injections: 96372
Anti-neoplastic nonhormonal therapy injection therapy: 96401
anti-neoplastic hormonal therapy injection therapy: 96402
Allergen immunotherapy injections: 95115-95117

Modifier 59 should be used with 96372 if used with infusion codes.

ICD procedure codes for infusions and injections
99.21 Antibiotic injection
99.23 Steroid Injection
99.17 Insulin Injection
99.29 Injection other substance

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