ICD Codes for Symptoms Of nervous and musculoskeletal systems

Category 781 deals with Symptoms of nervous and musculoskeletal systems

781.0 Abnormal involuntary movements
Abnormal head movements Fasciculation Spasms NOS Tremor NOS

781.1 Disturbances of sensation of smell and taste
Anosmia Parageusia Parosmia

781.2 Abnormality of gait
Gait ataxic Gait paralytic Gait spastic Gait staggering

781.3 Lack of coordination
Ataxia NOS Muscular incoordination

781.4 Transient paralysis of limb
Monoplegia, transient NOS

781.5 Clubbing of fingers

781.6 Meningismus
Dupre's syndrome Meningism Pseudomeningismus

781.7 Tetany
Carpopedal spasm

781.8 Neurologic neglect syndrome
Asomatognosia (Hemi-akinesia) (Hemi-inattention) Hemispatial neglect (Left-sided neglect) Sensory extinction Sensory neglect Visuospatial neglect

781.9 Other symptoms involving nervous and musculoskeletal systems

781.91 Loss of height

781.92 Abnormal posture

781.93 Ocular torticollis

781.94 Facial weakness
Facial droop

781.99 Other symptoms involving nervous and musculoskeletal systems

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