General Symptoms codes ICD-9-CM

The category 780 list codes of general symptoms

780.0 Alteration of consciousness

780.01 Coma

780.02 Transient alteration of awareness

780.03 Persistent vegetative state

780.09 Other
Drowsiness, Semicoma, Somnolence, Stupor, Unconsciousness

780.1 Hallucinations
Hallucinations NOS, Hallucinations auditory, Hallucinations gustatory, Hallucinations olfactory, Hallucinations tactile

780.2 Syncope and collapse
Blackout, Fainting, (Near) (Pre) syncope, Vasovagal attack

780.3 Convulsions

780.31 Febrile convulsions (simple), unspecified
Febrile seizure NOS

780.32 Complex febrile convulsions
Febrile seizure atypical, Febrile seizure complex, Febrile seizure complicated

780.39 Other convulsions
Convulsive disorder NOS, Fit NOS, Recurrent convulsions NOS, Seizure NOS

780.4 Dizziness and giddiness
Light-headedness, Vertigo NOS

780.5 Sleep disturbances

780.50 Sleep disturbance, unspecified

780.51 Insomnia with sleep apnea, unspecified

780.52 Insomnia, unspecified

780.53 Hypersomnia with sleep apnea, unspecified

780.54 Hypersomnia, unspecified

780.55 Disruptions of 24 hour sleep wake cycle, unspecified

780.56 Dysfunctions associated with sleep stages or arousal from sleep

780.57 Unspecified sleep apnea

780.58 Sleep related movement disorder, unspecified

780.59 Other

780.6 Fever and other physiologic disturbances of temperature regulation

780.60 Fever, unspecified
Chills with fever, Fever NOS, Fever of unknown origin (FUO), Hyperpyrexia NOS, Pyrexia NOS, Pyrexia of unknown origin

780.61 Fever presenting with conditions classified elsewhere

780.62 Postprocedural fever

780.63 Postvaccination fever
Postimmunization fever

780.64 Chills (without fever)
Chills NOS

780.65 Hypothermia not associated with low environmental temperature

780.7 Malaise and fatigue

780.71 Chronic fatigue syndrome

780.72 Functional quadriplegia
Complete immobility due to severe physical disability or frailty

780.79 Other malaise and fatigue
Asthenia NOS, Lethargy, Postviral (asthenic) syndrome, Tiredness

780.8 Generalized hyperhidrosis
Diaphoresis, Excessive sweating, Secondary hyperhidrosis

780.9 Other general symptoms

780.91 Fussy infant (baby)

780.92 Excessive crying of infant (baby)

780.93 Memory loss
Amnesia (retrograde) Memory loss NOS

780.94 Early satiety

780.95 Excessive crying of child, adolescent, or adult

780.96 Generalized pain
Pain NOS

780.97 Altered mental status
Change in mental status

780.99 Other general symptoms

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