What is the ICD 9 code for fever

ICD code for fever is 780.60. ICD 9 code 780.60 is for fever NOS, i..e, we do not know what type of fever it is.

ICD 9 code 780.60 can also be used for:
Chills with fever
Pyrexia NOS
Hyperpyrexia NOS
Pyrexia of unknown origin

Some other code for fever in ICD are:

026.1   Streptobacillary fever
065.4   Mosquito-borne hemorrhagic fever
780.60 Fever, unspecified
778.4  Neonatal fever
659.2  fever in labor
672    fever in puerperium
066.0 Phlebotomus fever
083.1 Trench fever
066.3 Other mosquito-borne fever
060.0 yellow fever
026.0 Spirillary fever

780.63 Postvaccination fever

082.1 Boutonneuse fever

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