Coding posterior spinal fusion

In the posterior, posterolateral or  lateral transverse process spinal fusion approach, the spine is accessed by an incision on the back and arthrodesis is accomplished. 22590-22632

Lumbar stenosis, neurogenic claudication and radiculopathy, degenerative joint

disease, spondylolisthesis.
Same as above.

1. L4—L5 posterior spinal fusion.

2. L4—L5 posterior instrumentation with interspinous process plate from Life Spine.

3. L2, L3, L4, L5 bilateral laminotomy with partial medial facetectomy and foraninotomy for

7. Use of morselized autograft of the spine taken through the same incision.

8. Use of structural allograft.


1        724.03      Spinal Stenosis of lumbar with neurogenic Claudication

2        738.4        Acquired Spondylolisthesis

3        724.4        Thoracic/Lumbar Neuritis/Radiculitis NOS

4        721.3        Lumbosacral Spondylosis w/o Myelopathy

PX      CODE      DESCRIPTION         

1        81.07        Lumbar Lumbosacral Fusion Posterior Column, Post Tech               

2        03.09        Exploration/Decompression Of Spinal Canal NEC               

CPT   CODE        DESCRIPTION                                                                         Modifiers        

1        22612        Arthrodes Post/Posterolat Tech 1 Lvl;Lumbar w/wo Lat Trans                       

2        63030        Laminotomy, W/ Decompr Nerve Root; 1 Interspace, Lumbar        50,51               

3        22840        Posterior Non-Segmental Instrumentation                       

4        63035        Laminotomy; Ea Addl Intersp, Cervical Or Lumbar                        50               

5        63035        Laminotomy; Ea Addl Intersp, Cervical Or Lumbar                        50               

6        20931        Allograft For Spine Surgery Only Structural                       

7        20936        Autograft For Spine Surgery; Local, From Same Incision        

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