Coding multiple colonoscopic polypectomies

The patient underwent colonopscopic removal of two colon polyps with snare technique and one polyp with hot biopsy forceps. The procedure was carried out in ambulatory setting.. What are the ICD and CPT codes for these services?


1        211.3         Colon Polyp

PX      CODE      DESCRIPTION         

1         45.42        Endoscopic polypectomy of large intestine

CPT   CODE      DESCRIPTION             
1        45385       Colonoscopic polypectomy with snare technique
2        45384-59  Flexible colonoscopic polypectomty with hot biopsy  

If multiple polyps are removed using the same technique then only one code should be used to represent these services. For example as shown above if two or more polyps are removed using snare technique then only one code 45385 would suffice to represent these services. The same rule applies to other colonoscopic polypectomies techniques.

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