Coding Missed Abortion

The physician performs suction curettage to treat a missed abortion. What CPT and ICD codes represent this surgical treatment of missed abortion in the first trimester?


1        632             Missed Abortion                   

PX      CODE      DESCRIPTION         

1         69.52       Aspiration Curettage after Delivery/Abortion
                           (Suction Curettage)

CPT   CODE      DESCRIPTION             
1        59820        Treatment of Missed Abortion First Trimester                   

Surgical treatment of missed abortion may include aspiration (suction) curettage or dilation curettage. While the CPT code will remain the same for either of the surgical techniques, the ICD codes will differ as follows:
69.02  Dilation Curettage 
69.52 Aspiration or Suction Curettage 

If the missed abortion occurred in second trimester then CPT code 59821 should be used to represent the service.

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