Coding Arthroscopic Knee Menisectomy and Meniscal Repairs

CPT has codes for arthroscopic meniscal repairs as well as arthroscopic menisectomies.  All the Arthroscopic meniscus related codes are unilateral codes and hence modifiers LT, RT, or 50  are required while reporting these services.

29881 Knee Menisectomy  Medial or Lateral

29880 Knee Menisectomy Medial and Lateral

CPT menisectomy codes includes synovectomy, chondral debridement, and loose body removal  and these services should not be reported seperately unless there is a different pathology or different knee compartment involved in which case these services can be reported seperately with a 59 modifier.


29882  Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Medical or Lateral

29883 Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Medical and Lateral


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