HHS finalized ICD-10 implementation date Oct 2014

HHS finalized ICD 10 implementation date as Oct 2014. This is a one-year delay from the  proposed Oct 2013 initial deadline. The one-year delay allows providers and payers some additional time to implement the new code set. 

AMA may still resist this deadline as they want to skip ICD 10 and directly move on to ICD 11. AHA is comfortable with Oct 2014 deadline as they think hospitals have invested significant dollars in ICD 10 preparation till date. 

ICD 10 is going to create huge opportunities not only medical coders but also for IT providers as it there will be huge demand for software upgrades and also requirement of new software solutions for ICD 10 implementation.

The rule also sets dates for health plan and provider identifiers(HPID).


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