Coding wound dehiscence CPT and ICD

CPT has three codes for repair of wound dehiscence in the skin and inteugmentary section. There are as follows:

12020 Simple closure of superficial wound dehiscence
12021 Packing of superficial wound dehiscence
13160 Secondary closure of surgical wound or dehiscence, extensive or complicated

Subcategory 998.3 in  ICD 9 CM has codes for wound dehiscence. There are different codes for surgical and traumatic wound dehiscence and internal and external wound dehiscence. Documentation can be the following:
  • Dehiscence of operation wound
  • Disruption of any suture materials or other closure method
  • Rupture of operation wound

ICD 9 CM Codes                       ICD 10 CM codes

Wound disruption Unspecified    Wound disruption unspecified 
998.30                                          T81.30XA    

Disruption internal op wound     Disruption internal op wound NEC  
998.31                                          T81.32XA 

Disruption external op wound   Disruption exter surgical wound, NEC
998.32                                         T81.31XA

Disruption traumatic wound repair   Disruption traumatic wound repair
998.33                                         T81.33XA


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