Level II HCPCS Finger Modifiers

Many coders are confused when it comes to HCPCS finger modifiers. Here is a simple rule that can help remember the HCPCS finger modifiers. The first digit is the thumb, followed by index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger or pinky.

The Thumb is the first digit of hand
Index finger is is closest to the thumb and is the the second digit of the hand.
Middle finger is the third digit of human hand.
Ring finger is the fourth digit of the hand.
Pinky finger also called as little finger fifth digit of human hand.

Here are the HCPCS finger modifiers.
F1 Left hand, second digit -Left Hand Index finger
F2 Left hand, third digit - Left hand Middle finger or forefinger.
F3 Left hand, fourth digit - Left hand Ring finger
F4 Left hand, fifth digit - left Hand Pinky finger or little finger.
F5 Right hand, thumb - Right hand Thumb
F6 Right hand, second digit - Right Hand Index finger
F7 Right hand, third digit - Right hand Middle finger or forefinger.
F8 Right hand, fourth digit - Right hand Ring finger
F9 Right hand, fifth digit - Right Hand Pinky finger or little finger
FA Left hand, thumb - Left hand thumb.

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