Cancer Registry

Cancer registrar performs collection and coding of morphology and stages of cancers in compliance with the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACS/COC). In this role, you will report cancer cases to FCDS and the state cancer registry, as required by law. To be considered, you must be a certified tumor registrar (CTR) with solid experience abstracting multiple cancer sites with a full knowledge of all required data elements within the registry data set;

Cancer Registrar maintains components of the Cancer Registry and the computerized data collection system for cancer cases consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and accreditation requirements paying special attention to compliance with the American College of Surgeons’ requirements for an approved program. He/she abstracts and codes clinical data using the ELEKTA IMPAC METRIQ software, obtains long-term follow-up data, and analyzes health records according to standards. He/she processes, maintains, compiles and reports this health information data. While working at non-CoC-approved facilities, the Cancer Registrar abstracts all cancer cases deemed reportable to the New York State Cancer Registry in accordance with the Cancer Research Improvement Act of 1997, using the Abstract Plus software.

Knowledge, Skill and Ability
· Thorough knowledge of ICD-O-3 coding, AJCC staging, and SEER Summary Staging.
· Knowledge of FORDS manual standards.
· Computer literate, knowledge & experience with Abstract Plus and IMPAC Medical Registry Services (MRS) software

Individual works in an office setting utilizing computer to enter cancer registry data

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kelnoor said...

I'm want to take the Cancer Registry Management Program online courses from AHIMA to prepare me for the CTR exam and a career in Cancer Registry. This is my first experience with the Health Information field. In your opinion is this a big bite to chew for my first move into this field? As I read above under the knowledge, skill and ability, I see separate applications. would the expertise or experience in all of the applications be needed to enter this field?
I'm aware of all the changes happening in the medical information records and this industry and feel like this would be great career to begin. thanks for any input you can provide.

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