Medical Coding Exam

Medical coding practice exams are free and designed to test understanding of ICD, CPT, HCPCS.

1. What is HCPCS ?
HCPCS stands for Healthcare common procedural coding system. It consists of CPT codes known as level I HCPCS codes and HCPCS level II codes that represent hospital supplies, drugs, dental codes, etc.

2. The patient has a Tailors bunion at 5th metatarsal and the physician performs bunioncetomy what is the CPT code that represent this service?
Ans. 28110: Ostectomy, partial excision, fifth metatarsal head (bunionette) (separate procedure)

3. The physician does a knee arthroscopic notchplasty of femoral condyl what is the code to represent this?
Ans. Arthroscopic chondroplasty includes notchplasty so CPT code would be 29877. If only arthroscopic notchplasty is done report 29999.

4. The patient underwent rubberband ligation of two hemorrhid colums what is the CPT code to represent this?
Ans. Code 46221. It should be reported only once regardless of how many hemorrhoids are ligated.

5. The patient underwent arthroscopic chondroplasty in lateral and medial compartments what CPT codes are required to represent this service?
Ans. 29877. Report 29877 only once even if chondroplasty is performed in more than one compartment.

6. The patient underwent a colonoscopy and polypectomty of three polyps by snare technique and one polyp was removed by Jumbo forceps.
Ans. Use 45385 for polypectomy by snare technique. 45385 includes multiple polypectomes.
Report 45384 for hot biopsy polypectomy (Jumbo forceps).

7. The patient has a history COPD and final impression is Chronic Bronchitis. What is the ICD code?
Ans. 491.21 is the combination code for chronic bronchitis and COPD.

8. The patinet decompensated COPD ?
Ans. 491.21 : Decompensated or exacerbated COPD is coded to 491.21

9. The patient has COPD and emphysema?
Ans. 492.8

10. The patient was given Normal saline solution for 25 minues and then Pepcid for one hour what are the CPT codes?
Ans. 96365 for IV infusion for one hour. IV hydration (NSS) if given less than 30 minutes is not coded.

11. The physician excised a breast lesion by preoperative placement of radiological marker?
Ans. 19125 and placment of radiologicl marker is included in this code.

12. Placement of Quinton Catheter for a patient 50 years old.
Ans. 36558: Insertion of tunneled centrally inserted central venous catheter, without subcutaneous port or pump age 5 years or older

13. Repair of laceration of palate in the mouth less than 2 cm
Ans. 42180: Repair, laceration of palate; up to two cm

14. Placement of Mediport Catheter for a patient 50 years old.
Ans. 36561: Insertion of tunneled centrally inserted central venous access device, with subcutaneous port age 5 years or older

15. Cystoureteroscopy with lithotripsy and placement of Double J stent?
Ans. 52323 Lithotripsy
52332 Double J stent placement

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