Healthcare Coding

Healthcare coding also known as medical coding is encription of medical records data using universally recognized coding languages such as ICD, CPT, HCPCS. The purpose of healthcare coding in US is primarily for reimbursement of healthcare insurance claims. In healthcare coding, the medical records are scanned by a coding specialist and all the diagnosis, procedures, medical history, adverse effects are assigned ICD, CPT, or HCPCS codes thus each code represents a particular disease, procedure, or surgical intervention. Insurance companies pay claims according to the codes that are associated with a claim.

Healthcare coding industry can be said as recession proof industry because even during recession there was good demand for healthcare coding specialists. The future prospects of healthcare coding is also bright as the healthcare overhaul in the United States guarantees continue increased demand for healthcare coding professionals.

Healthcare coding industry can be said to be last to be effected by outsourcing as hospitals are still reluctant to outsoource coding work. This is because a single wrong code can result in a significant loss of revenue for the hospitals. So the hospitals want the coders to work in hospital itself, so as and when if they get any dought regarding coding, they could clarify it with the physicians right away.

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