ICD-10 Recertification

To ensure employers continue to have confidence in CPC's ability to accurately code the current codesets, once ICD-10 is implemented (thus protecting all 60,000 credential holders), and that those credentials truly represent one’s ability to code under the current code set, AAPC members holding a credential will have two years to pass an open-book, online ICD-10 proficiency test. All certified coders are required to pass the validation by September 30, 2014 to maintain certification.

You will be given two (2) years to take and pass, beginning October 1, 2012 (one year before implementation of ICD-10) and ending September 30, 2014 (one year after implementation)
There will be 75 questions
It will be open-book, online and un-proctored
Coders will have two (2) attempts at passing for the $60 administration fee

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