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MedAssurant Coding - Working from Home Reviews

MedAssurant, Inc. is a leading provider of nationwide medical data abstraction, analysis, and verification solutions for the U.S. healthcare industry.

What is the type of work at MedAssurant?

Medassurant is hired by insurance companies to see if patient fits into a better ICD-9 code. You will get an assignment i.e. doctor's office/clinic/hospital and you need to go there on scheduled day. What you need to do is review charts and look for other diseases not known and you then scan all documents into the computer upload information. If ther is no field assignments then you you review charts online.

From what I understand is for coding/reviewing positions your salary is not dependent at all on experience or education but on where you live. There will be times when you will not get full. There will be weeks/months without a full load of work so paycheck may be much less than it should be. There employee contract states that there is a 2 year NON-COMPETE contract that you are required to sign. They do not guarantee 40 hours, but you have to be available for 40 hours. They also require that you complete the 30 hours of training, pass the test and perform your first review before they will pay you for the training. Payment is ontime and no delays.

If anyone has any good or bad experiances with MedAssurant pls keep comment so as to benefit other coders...

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Sally B. said...

MedAssurant is a great company to work for! The work is challenging at MedAssurant, hours are flexible. The training is excellent as well as the pay. Management is also very helpful.

online medical billing said...

online medical billing is one of the best jobs out there. It allows one to work at the comfort of their own home. I think this is really good for people like mom's who have to stay home for the kids or handicapped people.

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