ICD 9 code for drug screen

Encounters for drug monitoring are assigned code V58.83. Use additional code to describe the associated long-term (current) drug use (V58.61-V58.69). V58.83 may be used alone if the monitoring was for a drug that a patient used for only a brief time. Source: CC 4Q 2002
Patients who require MUGA scans to monitor the effect of chemotherapy are assigned code V58.83, Encounter for therapeutic drug monitoring followed by code V58.69, Long-term (current) use of other medications and the code for the malignancy. If chemotherapy is also given during the same encounter, the reason for admission/first listed code is V58.1. Source: CC 1Q 2004

Blood-drug testing for medicolegal reasons : (V70.4)
(Blood-alcohol tests) (Blood-drug tests)


Anonymous said...

See this coded wrong all the time.

J. Connor
Professional coding billing
coding ICD 9 expert

Jennifer said...

What about a Urin Drug Screen with the dx of Screening? I see the one for the blood test, but what about the urin if the pt isn't nessicarily on long term medication use?

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