ICD 9 code for Arthritis

Arthritis, arthritic (acute)(chronic)(subacute) 716.90

716 Other and unspecified arthropathies

Includes Arthritis (acute) (chronic) (subacute), Arthropathy (acute) (chronic) (subacute), and Inflammation of joint NOS

716.90 site unspecified

716.91 shoulder region
Shoulder region includes Acromioclavicular joint(s), Glenohumeral joint(s), Sternoclavicular joint(s), Clavicle, and Scapula

716.92 upper arm
Includes Elbow joint and Humerus

716.93 forearm
Includes Radius, Ulna, and Wrist joint

716.94 hand
Includes Carpus, Metacarpus, and Phalanges [fingers]

716.95 Pelvic region and thigh

716.96 lower leg

716.97 ankle and foot

716.98 other specified sites
Includes Head, Neck, Ribs, Skull, Trunk, and Vertebral column

716.99 Multiple sites

Arthritis of back or spine is coded to spondylsis 721.9x
Degenerative Arthritis is coded to Osteoarthrosis 715.9x

ICD 10 CM code for Arthritis

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