ICD 9 CM Fracture Codes Skull and Facial Bones

ICD 9 CM Codes for Fracture of Skull: Categories 800-804

Categories and their brief description

800 Fracture of vault of skull includes frontal and paretal bones

801 Fracture of base of skull includes fossa anterior, fossa middle, fossa posterior, occiput bone, orbital roof, sinus ethmoid, sinus frontal, sphenoid bone,: temporal bone

802 Fracture of face bones

802.0 Nasal bones, closed
802.1 Nasal bones, open

802.2 Mandible, closed includes Inferior maxilla and Lower jaw (bone)
802.3 Mandible, open

802.4 Malar and maxillary bones, closed
includes: Superior maxilla :: :: Upper jaw (bone) :: :: Zygoma :: :: Zygomatic arch

802.5 Malar and maxillary bones, open
802.6 Orbital floor (blow-out), closed

802.7 Orbital floor (blow-out), open

802.8 Other facial bones, closed
includes: Alveolus, Orbit NOS, Orbit part other than roof or floor, Palate
802.9 Other facial bones, open

803 Other and unqualified skull fractures
includes: skull NOS and skull multiple NOS

804 Multiple fractures involving skull or face with other bones

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