Contusion, Bruise, and Hematoma ICD-9-CM: 920-924

Contusion, Bruise, and Hematoma are synonyms in ICD-9-CM and lead to same codes depending upon anatomical site of the body.

Codes Anatomical site

920 Contusion of face, scalp, and neck except eye(s)
Cheek, Ear (auricle), Gum, Lip, Mandibular joint area, Nose, Throat, Neck,

921 Contusion of eye and adnexa
921.0 Black eye, not otherwise specified
921.1 Contusion of eyelids and periocular area
921.2 Contusion of orbital tissues
921.3 Contusion of eyeball
921.9 Unspecified contusion of eye

922 Contusion of trunk

922.0 Breast
922.1 Chest wall
922.2 Abdominal wall
includes Flank and Groin
922.3 Back
922.4 Genital organs
Includes labium (majus) (minus), Penis, Perineum, scotum, Testis, vulva
922.8 Multiple sites of trunk
922.9 Unspecified part
Trunk NOS

923 Contusion of upper limb
923.0 Shoulder and upper arm
923.1 Elbow and forearm
923.2 Wrist and hand(s), except finger(s) alone
923.3 Finger
Includes: Fingernail and Thumb (nail)
923.8 Multiple sites of upper limb
923.9 Unspecified part of upper limb

924 Contusion of lower limb and of other and unspecified sites
924.0 Hip and thigh
924.00 Thigh
924.01 Hip
924.1 Knee and lower leg
924.10 Lower leg
924.11 Knee
924.2 Ankle and foot, excluding toe(s)
924.20 Foot
Includes: Heel
924.21 Ankle
924.3 Toe
Includes: Toenail
924.4 Multiple sites of lower limb
924.5 Unspecified part of lower limb
Includes: Leg NOS
924.8 Multiple sites, not elsewhere classified
924.9 Unspecified site

Hematoma complicating a procedure ICD 9 Codes

998.11 - Hemorrhage complicating a procedure
998.12 - Hematoma complicating a procedure
998.13 - Seroma complicating a procedure

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